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Lolo Jones is a Bobsledder Now, Apparently

After having a not-so-pleasant experience at the 2012 Olympics, American hurdler Lolo Jones appears to have found a new calling: bobsledding.

Jones, the most renowned women’s track and field star the U.S. team had this year, snuck out of the spotlight following the London Games after some mean-spirited critique from her own teammates. They essentially pointed to the fact that the amount of media attention Jones got as compared to her actual success was very disproportionate, and questioned why they couldn’t get a little more love.

Lolo didn’t take to all that particularly well, and we haven’t really heard from her since then. (Well, aside from the time when she mocked a paralyzed dude.)

On Saturday, Jones resurfaced with a moderately impressive second-place run at the opening night of the U.S. bobsled team selection races. She and pilot, Jazmine Fenlator, finished with a combined two-run time of 1 minute, 57.01 seconds.

That’s good in bobsledding, apparently.

Despite Jones’ success at the event, many couldn’t help but wonder what the hell she was doing there in the first place. Well, via ESPN:

Bobsled coaches have long tried to lure athletes from the track world, noting that their combination of speed and explosiveness is perfect for sliding.

And it might be working again. Jones and Fenlator were the leaders after the first run of the competition, and Jones suddenly is finding herself in a sled that might be in contention for a World Cup team spot.

As of today, Jones’ teammates don’t appear to hate her yet. Check back in a week.

(Kudos ESPN)

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