Listen To Kauffman Stadium Erupt As The Royals Clinch A Trip To The World Series (Video)


Want to know what a trip to the World Series sounds like? Check out this video.

The Kauffman Stadium faithful erupted in spectacular fashion yesterday as their hometown heroes clinched their first trip to the World Series in 29 years. Why wouldn’t they? Although a 29 year gap between World Series appearances may not seem that bad, you’ve got to remember that the Royals have been terrible for the majority of those three decades.

After winning eight straight games to open the postseason – a new MLB record – Kansas City has full blown Royals fever. From their thrilling Wild Card win to their completely unexpected sweeps of the Angels and Orioles, the Royals are by far the most exciting team left in the championship hunt. Hell, I’ve got a bit of Royals fever and I have zero ties whatsoever to the team or region. They’re just fun to watch. I’ll be pulling for them to win it all regardless of who emerges from the National League. But anyways, back to that stadium eruption.

Someone was standing outside of Kauffman with their camera rolling as the Royals notched the final, series-clinching out against the Orioles. When the video starts, you hear a steady stream of cheers as the crowd anticipates the pitch. The whole place then goes silent as J.J. Hardy hits a grounder to Mike Moustakas. The stadium lets out an initial yell when Moustakas corrals the grounder, and eardrum-bursting pandemonium ensues when the final out is officially made.

If Kaufmann was this loud from a few hundred feet away, imagine what it sounded like inside:


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