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Lions Nick Fairley Out with Stress Fracture?

Oh, those poor Detroit Lions. Even when they seem to be headed in the right direction, little things pop up that hold them back. Count OTR among the folks that are dying to see Nick Fairley play alongside Nkamukong Suh. And apparently, we’ll have to wait. According to Chris McCoskey on Twitter, Fairley is in a walking boot right now with a possible stress fracture.

“#Lions are doing more tests on Fairley. Schwartz could not say whether it was long-term or short-term inj. Stress fracture is possible,” McCoskey tweets.

Stress fractures really only heal with rest. And as big as Fairley is, he’ll definitely need to get off of that foot for it to heal.

Let’s hope this is something that just needs a week or two of rest and isn’t something that is going to last well into the season…or worse.


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