Lions Linebacker Stephen Tulloch Tears ACL While Celebrating Sack (Video)


Detroit Lions linebacker suffered what will inevitably go down as the most humiliating injury of the year yesterday.

After sacking Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the first quarter, Tulloch jumped up in the air to celebrate the sack. He fell to the ground in pain after landing, and was seen on the sidelines in street clothes soon after. Lions coach Jim Caldwell announced today that Tulloch tore his ACL during the celebration and will be on the injured reserve list for the rest of the year.

To give you an idea of what a fluke injury this is, get this: Tulloch started 131 consecutive games before this happened. Tulloch’s body was able to handle the punishment of playing in the NFL for eight consecutive years, and all of a sudden his knee gave out during a non-contact celebration. Crazy.

Here’s video of the injury:

Tulloch will now join Bill Gramatica and Gus Frerotte in the undesirable “seriously injured in celebration” club. Here are two reminders of what those embarrassing gems looked like, in case you forgot:

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