A Lion Literally Went to the Bathroom on Patriots' Chad Ochocinco

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It’s tough being a professional football player for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s hard to get into the league in the first place. Then once you’re actually in the NFL, you have to deal with earning playing time, performing to expectations, persevering through injuries, surviving bounties, aging gracefully and saving enough money to be able to retire without having to later play for some second-rate, illegitimate football league.

And of course there are also the wild animals that urinate on you.

If you believe New England Patriots wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, that last bit is a very real and possible thing that actually happened to him this past Saturday. Via his Twitter:

Swear to lil 10 pound bearded baby Jesus I just got peed on by a real "Lion" I'm not lying either. And y'all wonder why I don't go out!!!!!

I put that on my LIFE it just happen, i'm not lying. RT @MsHazelMonroe: @ochocinco U're a compulsive liar! shut up

I never go out at night n the night I do I get peed on by a real "Lion" I feel honored, who can say they got peed on by a "Lion"

Yes, i'm at Voices for Children charity event n there's a real Lion here in the cage. Why would I lie? RT @larose03: Seriously a real Lion?

That's what i was trying to do the 1st time, hold up i'm gonna send one out. RT @Lynleysanders: @ochocinco Post a picture of the lion.

This is the culprit http://lockerz.com/s/189394845

Feeling down bruh a Lion peed on me, basically marking his territory which makes me his b***h RT @BurressPlaxico: @ochocinco what's good

If urinating on something makes that something you territory or property, Nate Robinson owns at least one block in New York and R. Kelly allegedly owns at least one female. Just saying.

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