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Lingerie Basketball League Debuts, Already Better than WNBA

Women’s basketball has been trying to establish something of a niche for itself amongst hoops fans ever since the WNBA’s inception. For whatever reason, though, traditional men’s basketball fans could never quite get around to embracing women’s basketball the way that some (read: WNBA players) would hope.

Until now.

Enter: the Lingerie Basketball League.

The Lingerie Basketball League made its debut this past weekend in Los Angeles, the only city that has been blessed with teams thus far. The squads involved include: the Beauties, Glam, Starlets and Divas. Among the noteworthy dignitaries that suit up are Jenny McCarthy’s unnamed sister, Jo Jo, and…well that’s pretty much it.

Here are some of the rules for the Lingerie Basketball League via ProBasketballTalk:

“The league will use the same rules as traditional women’s basketball, with a few tweaks. The Red Light Special gives a player a 60-second opportunity to score a bonus point.

"Other LBL rules: 35-second shot clock; no whistle side lines out of bounds; 10 second backcourt violation, no defensive 3 seconds; high school 3-point line; two 20 minute halves; held ball results in a jump ball between the two girls (of course).”

It’s very competitive, obviously.

For whatever reason Chris Bosh hasn’t committed to a team yet, but the NBA lockout is still young.

Video of some Lingerie Basketball League action via TMZ available below.


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