Leyritz Not Guilty of DUI Manslaughter


Former New York Yankee Jim Leyritz is most likely a very, very happy man. Facing up to 15 years in prison for charges of DUI Manslaughter in Florida, Leyritz seems to have dodged a Randy Johnson fastball to the head.

A jury found that, despite being intoxicated while driving a vehicle that struck and killed a woman, he was not responsible for her death.

“There’s no winners in this case. It was a tragic situation,” Leyritz said after the verdict. “All I’m glad about is that I’m going home to my kids.”

The prosecution had to prove that Leyritz was not only intoxicating, but that he was actually at fault in the accident (Donte Stallworth could have used this defense in his case, but he chose to accept his punishment and not fight the case out of respect to the family). They couldn’t prove that Leyritz ran the red light when he hit the woman’s Ford Expedition back in 2007 and now Leyritz is only facing up to six months on a simple DUI conviction. He’s a first-time offender.

“Manslaughter was never an option,” jury foreman Brian Haul said. “There was no way the prosecution could prove he ran the red light. I feel comfortable this jury reached the decision it should have.”


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