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Let's Give David Booth A Chance

Canucks fans aren't exactly what I'd call patient... or forgiving... or fair. Just ask Roberto Luongo. They can be especially cruel to game hunters and the outspokenly religious. Unfortunately for David Booth, he falls under both categories.

They are going to have to be patient though. Again. Yes, that's right folks. The same rules apply to Booth's first showing with the club this season. Expectations will have to be guarded and criticism will have to be fair.

Coming off of a groin injury Booth is expected to return to the Canucks lineup tonight against their arch rivals in the Chicago Blackhawks. He has yet to skate with any specific lineup in practice, so there is no telling who he'll be skating with when he hits the ice.

People are going to have to remember that even though he's been a member of the Canucks for over a year, he's been limited to only 61 games with the club. That's not even a full season and much of that time was spent playing after a knee injury. Even worse is that he had to spend most of those 61 games on a line with Kesler while he was going through his "I'm too good to pass" stage.

They have had very little time to gel together and create the kind of chemistry necessary for the big winger to succeed. If it does come this season, don't expect it to come early. Everything about this city and club - I would have to imagine - is still very new to him. Booth spent the lockout hunting taun taun's in the Rockies. He spent his first season hurt, with an injured center and a revolving door third linemate. Give Booth a little time to adjust to this city and his linemates before you write him off as an amnesty buyout. The patience could pay off in way's Vancouver's only dreamed of. Dare I say it, a Stanley Cup?

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