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Let’s Acknowledge What Clayton Kershaw is Doing

Yasiel Puig has undoubtedly taken the MLB and sports world by storm, but the fact that he is somehow over shadowing what Clayton Kershaw is doing is a tragedy. The level of dominance that Kershaw has shown us over the past 5 months is nothing short of ridiculous.

Take a look at the numbers of the 2 pitchers below:

Player A: 198.1 Innings, 1.72 ERA, .86 WHIP, 188 SO

Player B: 189.2 Innings, 2.25 ERA, .89 WHIP, 214 SO

Player A is none other than Clayton Kershaw, while player B is a combination of Adam Wainwright, Matt Harvey, and Yu Darvish.

At this point, with the pace he is on, projections show that Kershaw will have to give up 18 runs over his last 7 starts to finish with an ERA over 2.00. In case you were wondering, Kershaw has only given up 17 runs over his last 14 starts.

Not only has Kershaw been shutting down the opposing teams, but he has also been doing what an ace should do: go deep into games and help save the bullpen.

Kershaw has now thrown 8 or more innings in 8 of his last 11 starts. Not only that, but Kershaw is on pace to throw more innings than anyone—253.1—than anyone since Roy Halladay in 2003.

All this to say, while you’re enjoying “Puig”mania, don’t forget to take a second and enjoy a season that should go down as much more memorable.

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