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Let the Jokes Begin: 15 Seconds with Rick Pitino

With the revelation that Rick Pitino's elicit sexual encounter lasted all of 15 seconds, you have to believe it's going to be a long, tough season for the Louisville basketball coach. Better get a good pair of earmuffs.

Based on that one revelation, we all know the Internet wiseacres are going to make all sorts of inappropriate comments throughout the 2010-11 season. They'll be rude, merciless and... well, let me be the first to throw a few out there. Just thought of them. It's summer. Let's have some fun. 

-- You've heard of the 30-second timeout? Rick calls that more than enough time for lovemaking and a cuddle.

-- Rick wanted to switch from zone to man-to-man, but he felt like his team could only play hard for about 15 seconds.

-- Did you hear Rick Pitino has petitioned the NCAA to reduce the shot clock to 15 seconds?

-- Rick likes to tell his team: When you get that rebound, always look to score within 15 seconds!

-- Rick likes to tell colleagues he gets his best coaching done in 15-second spurts.

-- Did you know that Rick Pitino is still upset about not getting his 15 seconds of fame with the Celtics? 

-- Now when an announcer says "there's 15 seconds left on the clock" Rick Pitino can say, "that's an eternity." 

-- Hey, the kid in the LeBron Miami Heat jersey at the Indians game lasted longer than Rick Pitino.

-- When Rick recently heard that Sting and his wife engage in eight-hour sexual encounters, his head blew up.


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