Lessons Learned from Week 8's Detroit Lions vs. Seattle Seahawks Showdown


Earlier this week, Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz described CB Bill Bentley’s injury as “day-to-day.” Yesterday the Lions placed him on IR, ending his rookie season. In this situation, it appears that Jim Schwartz lied to us. What doesn’t lie is the tape; I watched last Sunday’s narrow victory over the Seahawks once again to break down the game and see any developing trends. Here are some notes and observations that I took during the game:

  • Lions starting the game on a mission to commit stupid penalties
  • Lions defense not getting consistent pressure on Russell Wilson with front four.
  • Lions seem to struggle with containing the outside on defense; most effective running plays were not inside for Seattle
  • Stafford looks much better than last week already
  • Titus Young looks GOOD
  • If Stefan Logan fumbles another punt I am going to develop a hemorrhoid
  •  Speaking of containing to the outside. . .76 yard TD Marshawn Lynch Every time they show the replay I die a little bit inside.
  • 14 half first half points. OH. EM. JEE. About time the Lions actually showed up for the first half
  • Leshoure doesn’t jump out as incredibly explosive. He doesn’t run with much patience and usually only hits holes if they are immediately open. But then again the Lions offensive line isn’t exactly Hole City.
  • Titus Young looks FAST
  • Speaking of fast, the Lions defense has a tendency to look slow in space.
  • Titus Young is catching EVERYTHING!
  • Bad pick by Stafford. Bad, bad, bad, bad. So bad. Bad. Ew. Bad.
  • Lions rushing attack looks more effective with Joique Bell. At this point he is a scrappier runner who always gets an extra yard or two.
  • Why is Calvin Johnson doing his best Dez Bryant impression? Catch the ball!
  • TITUS YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you couldn’t tell, I was impressed with Titus Young. It was only one game but the guy demonstrated remarkable hands, route-running, speed, quickness, and consistency (in one game). Nate Burleson has been solid for the past couple years but Titus Young gives the Lions what appears to be a truly explosive option across from Calvin.

In other news, welcome back Matthew Stafford! Last week’s performance was downright scary, so it was great to see Stafford come back with a strong performance. He made some sidearm throws that last week were way off, but this week was (almost) always on target. The interception he threw was pretty unforgiveable, but he won the game, so I forgive him.

As I mentioned in the notes, I was not very impressed with Mikel Leshoure. He has upgraded the Lions running game, but on most of his runs he seems to plunge directly into the offensive line for a two or three yard gain. Hard to tell if this is a result of poor running or traditionally abysmal Lions offensive line play. This is something I will be monitoring as the season goes on.

Check in tomorrow to see what the NFC North is looking like after the eventful games of last Sunday.


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