Lessons Learned from Week 10's Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Jets Showdown


As logic defying as the Niners-Rams game was, this one couldn’t have run any closer to the script. The Seahawks ran the ball well, took advantage of Jets mistakes, and gave up nothing on defense. Not even exaggerating, the Jets only points came on a Wilson fumble. The 49ers should be on notice, the Seahawks are now only one and a half (I think?) games behind, and if they keep playing like this, screw the wildcard, they could challenge for the division.

The Seahawks brought it on offense, and the excellent play calling by Bevell last week carried over into this game. He even had another receiver throw a touchdown, with Golden Tate’s 23 yard wobbly pass to Sidney Rice. Don’t know what else I can add. The Seahawks are basically making me sound like a broken record here. Wilson continues to improve, they run the ball well, they are efficient but not dazzling in the passing attack, and seem unstoppable at times when Lynch gets going. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the Seahawks so committed to playing their brand of football, let alone executing as well as they are.

The Jets looked like the UFL all star team in comparison. Maybe even CFL. I’ll even go so far as to throw out the unthinkable XFL comparison out there. They were only able to get 204 yards, an absurdly low number no matter what the circumstances. Even facing the Seahawks at home. They couldn’t run well, they couldn’t throw well, and the few token Tebow plays they throw out to appease his maniacal fan base also didn’t work - shocking, I know. It was really... really... really.. excruciatingly, painfully, painstakingly difficult to find any positives for the Jets offense, but if there was one it’s the continued good play by Jeremy Kerley. He’d look amazing if he could just be a slot receiver again, instead of the number one on this team.

If it weren’t the Jets, based on the numbers I would give all credit to the Seahawks defense for playing so well. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Either way, this defense was, once again, amazing. Bobby Wagner is continuing to develop into a great linebacker, and Richard Sherman had another great game with a sack, a beauty interception in the end zone to make sure the Tebow chants were in full force by game’s end, and also forced a fumble. And does anyone else remember all the criticism Carroll took for drafting Irvin? Another two sack game for the rookie, and he now leads all rookies with seven. Carroll’s genius strikes again.

The Jets defense played the kind of game you would expect of them. They were good, then they tired out. They were able to get to the quarterback, with their renowned multiple look defense, but just couldn’t keep the Seahawks out of the end zone. I did mention the Golden Tate touchdown pass right? The circus continues in New York, and too much is being asked of this defense, and it showed in Seattle.

Things are looking good in Seattle. They are undefeated at home going into their bye, and have won 4 of their last 6. They hold the final wild card spot in the NFC, and are gaining on the Niners quickly. 3 of their last 6 games are at home, and all are favorable matchups, aside from their NFC West clash in week 16 with the Niners; but I’m not ruling them out in that game, not by any stretch of the imagination.


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