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LeSean McCoy Says He "Owns Dallas," Is The Best Back In The NFL

The Dallas Cowboys lost several key players this offseason from an already terrible defense. With future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware now in Denver and Jason Hatcher in Washington, the chances of the Cowboys fielding even an average defense this year are slim.

Count Eagles running back LeSean McCoy in the crowd that sees nothing to be afraid of in Big D this year.

Michael Irving was in Eagles training camp for an interview with McCoy and receiver Jeremy Maclin yesterday. According to Jimmy Kempski of, McCoy turned to fans and said a few choice words before heading off to the interview:

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As great as a player as McCoy is, we’ve got to call him out on this one. The Eagles are just 4-7 against the Cowboys since McCoy joined the team in 2009.

During his interview with Irvin, McCoy reiterated that he considers himself the best back in the league – Adrian Peterson included. Though he led the league in rushing last year, I don’t think you’ll find many, if any, GM’s and coaches around the league who would pick McCoy before Peterson -- or Jamaal Charles, for that matter.

McCoy first declared himself the league's top runner in May. When Peterson was told of McCoy's boast, he laughed and said not even McCoy believed that. 


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