Lenny Dykstra Back in Familiar Colors: Pinstripes

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When the New York Mets announced at the beginning of spring training that they were going back to pinstripes as their primary home uniform, they weren’t kidding. Little did we know that applied to both current and past players….

Former Mets outfielder Lenny Dykstra Back in Familiar Colors: Pinstripes made the final out of the game yesterday as a Los Angeles judge sentenced him to three years behind bars for grand-theft auto and filing a false financial statement.

Dykstra, a 1986 World Series standout, who starred for both the Mets and Phillies in a 12 year MLB career, tried to take an extra base on Judge Cynthia Ulfig a curve, asking her to let him withdraw a plea of “no contest,’’ but she insisted his leasing of expensive cars from dealers by providing bogus information and claiming credit through phony businesses showed sophistication and planning.

“He obviously didn’t have the money to get the vehicles,” Ulfig said. “His conduct was indeed criminal.”

The 49 year old Dykstra had made a plea for probation, saying he tried to make amends for his past errors, including his arrest after cops found drugs and human growth hormones in his home but the judge benched him anyway.

Dykstra has earned nearly a year’s worth of credit toward his sentence for time served… I’m certain that Lenny will come out of the slammer with a book tour and we’ll get to read all about his escapades behind bars ….

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