Seahawks Lendale White is…in Shape?


When the Seattle Seahawks traded for the big, fat running back from the Tennessee Titans, they probably thought they were getting a guy who was about to do one of two things. Either A. Be good at getting one or two yards on third down, or B. Eat his way out of the league.

Well, it seems like Lendale White may do neither. According to the Seattle Times, White showed up to minicamp in shape and weighing a svelte 218 lbs.

“I feel great, man,” he said after practice. “A long-time coming. I’ve been through situations. Everybody knows my past, out of shape LenDale, this and that.”

White was at 260 lbs. at times during his stay with Tennessee.

“For me to come in here in shape, 225, just feeling good, I feel great, man,” White said. “Best I’ve felt in my career. Last year, I felt good going into camp, but this is the greatest I’ve felt. I didn’t have to work this offseason and get no weight off. It already was off, and I just had to condition it and keep it down.”

He was asked if he changed his diet.

“Same diet,” he said.

He then paused for a second and remembered the old story he told about how the pounds would come off as soon as he stopped drinking tequila.

“You all are going to get me in trouble, man, already,” he said.

Coach Pete Carroll has to be happy with the shape White is in. He was White’s coach all the way back at USC and remembers exactly what kind of lard throat he was.

“He looks great,” Carroll said. “He’s 218. I can’t remember him ever being that light. I don’t think he was that light when we recruited him way back when.”


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