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Lendale White: Pete Carroll Won't Explain His Roster Cut

Lendale White essentially lost his job in Tennessee when Chris Johnson was so amazingly good that it never made sense to pull him off the field. Plus, Lendale had weight issues and wasn’t all that phenomenal anyway.

But then he got moved to the Seattle Seahawks for some hand lotion and a small box of half-eaten Tastykakes. Everything seemed to be going great for White in Seattle. His weight was down, he was in a good situation playing for his old USC coach and it seemed like he was in line for some carries.

Then in late May he was abruptly cut. It seemed like it was related to his work ethic, but Lendale still claims to have no clue how it could have happened. He told 104.5 The Zone recently that he asked Pete Carroll directly what happened and why he was cut.

I called Pete and I asked him what was going on and Pete never knows why anything,” White said on 104.5 The Zone. “Pete beat around the bush, I don’t know, he just said it wasn’t going to work out and they’d decided to go in a new way. I asked him if there’s anything I did and he didn’t really give me an answer.”

White even said that his release was a huge surprise to him.

“I was shocked. I’m still shocked,” White said. “I would figure if there was a problem or anything needed to be said or done, that my old coach would grab me to the side and whisper something in my ear and tell me step it up or do something different. I would figure that.”

He was asked how he found out about getting cut.

“Thursday when I was leaving practice, Pete Carroll hugged me and told me everything was going well,” White said. “I thought everything was fine. I went to Vegas, just having fun for Memorial Day weekend and then I get a call Friday morning telling me they’re going in another option. I never really got an explanation.”

Right now, Lendale is without a home (not literally…we don’t think anyway. We’re pretty sure he has a place to stay. We meant a football home). We haven’t heard of any visits he’s had with other teams. We’d have to think that he’ll be waiting on a training camp injury.


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