Panthers' LeGarrette Blount Can't Stop Punching People


We already remember last year when Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount couldn’t keep it together following a loss to Boise St. Someone messed with him, so he felt the need to drop him with a right-handed punch.

Good stuff, LeGarrette. You most likely didn’t get drafted because of it. But, no worries, the Tennessee Titans signed him as an undrafted free agent and he’s been getting some reps behind Chris Johnson (far behind Chris Johnson).

Yesterday, his problems flared up again in a practice skirmish. There was some shoving, and of course, LeGarrette threw a punch. Jeff Fisher said he didn’t have a problem with it. But….really? Really, Legarrette? Really? A punch knocked you off of every team’s draft board, yet you decided it was a good idea to throw another one, despite the fact that you already are on thin ice.

Then there is this from John Canzano of the Oregonian. He tells this story of Blount throwing yet another punch two years ago while at Oregon. We’ll let Canzano tell it:

Two football seasons ago. Closed practice. Autzen Stadium. Running back LeGarrette Blount was carrying the football on a play that swung wide when he was met by two University of Oregon defenders.

Defensive back Jairus Byrd and linebacker Jerome Boyd grabbed Blount and shoved him toward the sideline. A scuffle broke out, facemasks were grabbed, bodies tangled and then Ducks head coach Mike Bellotti hurried toward the mess, trying to break up the players.

Blount threw a punch.

It missed Byrd and Boyd, but caught the side of Bellotti’s face — square.

Two Ducks teammates and a former assistant coach told me about that punch on Thursday.

This guy has serious problems controlling himself, which can lead us to only one conclusion: He’s a dick. Only idiots can’t stop themselves from throwing punches any time blood pressure levels increase a bit. While Fisher says he doesn’t have a problem with the recent practice punch, let’s see if Blount makes the team. And if he doesn’t, we’d love to know how much his little punchy punch incidents had to do with it.


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