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'' Changes Name After Lebron's Miami Move

Never in a million years did I want to write this column. Never in a million years did you want to read this column. Thanks to Mr. James however, we are in this position and LeBrownsTown is no more. Despite the Land’s loyalty, LeBron James took the easy way out after his power-hungry ways damaged the long-term thinking of the organization. While the pain of losing the greatest basketball player in the history of Cleveland will inevitably damage us all, it cannot break us. The idea is to forever realize that we cannot rely on the back of the jersey, only on the front.

LandLoyalty is defined by the concept that as Clevelanders we should not love players but reserve our adoration for our Browns, Cavaliers and Tribe. Back in 1996 I learned this lesson while as a nine year old kid I cried hysterically when the Tribe traded Carlos Baerga. He was my favorite player and I was lucky enough to meet him many times which only added to my misery when he was shipped to the Mets. It hurt seeing him go but even at that tender age I realized that when I turned on the television the next night that Tribe was going to be on.  I recognized that there is always another game and always room for hope and opportunity. In other words, even as LeBron leaves us for the glitz and glamour of Miami, life will go on.

Speaking of Miami, LeBron will realize quickly that fans in that area don’t have a true passion for their sports teams. Despite all of our disappointment as fans, our LandLoyalty is never called into question. This eternal love for teams that have failed us, drives this site and gives LL writers the will to replace the C-L-E with believe. When our sports world is turned upside down, this is the time where our LandLoyaltyis the most needed and most prevalent. We at LL are confident in the resolve of this city and stand by the notion that moments like Bron leaving are what will make our inevitable victory parade all the sweeter.

Although the LandLoyalty era will begin with articles destroying LeBron, a perk of this time period for us, we look forward to focusing on the future and continuing the positivity message of LeBrownsTown. A championship among Cleveland teams is far from imminent at this juncture but we still intend to analyze, report and entertain the Cleveland sports fan. We will look forward and never again lose sight of the fact that players are meant to be supported but not adored. Our mishap led to the end of our name but our LandLoyalty ensures that we will continue to grow and get better. Kinda like our beloved Cleveland Browns, the team that now instills the most hope among the big three. That concept can’t be that hard to take, right Cleveland fan? This always will be a BrownsTown nonetheless…


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