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LeBron’s Popularity Plummets, Takes Wade, Bosh Down with Him

Wait, there are people out there not happy with Miami Heat superstar LeBron James?

Going on national television to tell your hometown that you're leaving wasn't a good move? Telling the many people who supported you after numerous NBA Playoff disappointments wasn't a cool thing to do? Referring to yourself in third person -- as if you really are a king -- has turned people off?

In the least shocking James news ever, according to a Q Scores Company poll of the general population, James has a 15 percent positive score and a 37 percent negative score. Compare that to James’ highest scoring peak when 24 percent of people saw James in a positive light while 22 percent had a negative opinion of him.  That’s essentially a 77 percent decline in popularity amongst the voters.

To put those statistics in perspective, the average sports personality has a 15 percent positive score and a 24 percent negative score.

According to those scores, James is officially the sixth most disliked sports personality out there behind Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Kobe Bryant.

In other words, James, whose life mission for seven years was to be a PR dream, is now lumped with the likes of...

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