LeBron, Wade and Heat Bringing in Big Bucks for NBA

No wonder the usually robotic NBA Commissioner David Stern has such a soft spot in his heart for the no-ring circus in Miami.

Besides bringing honor, respectability, season tickets, beat writers and a whole lot of pre-game white powder to the Miami Heat, LeBron James and Co. are also bringing in a sizable chunk of profits for themselves and the rest of the league.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the ticket prices for the Heat’s match-ups with the Boston Celtics are up 72% from any Boston game not against the “Superfriends” in Miami. Similarly, the average price for Cleveland Cavaliers-Heat tickets are marked up 71% for when the “self-proclaimed former king” comes to town from their usual $74.51 price (someone would pay over $10 to witness the Cavs?).

Aside from the Celtics, however, most of the teams who are beneficiaries of Miami coming to town aren’t great teams with great fanbases. So really, the Heat are having a New York Yankees effect on the league in that they are spiking interest in teams that nobody really cared about in the first place.

Check out the entire list of the Heat’s greatest impacts on average season ticket prices courtesy of the Wall Street Journal below:

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