Six Games into NBA Season: Where the Heat Stands


It’s very hard to know what to take away from the new-look Miami Heat. On one hand, you watch LeBron James and Dwyane Wade seamlessly cut through the lanes and attack the basket, and this team seems unstoppable. They possess the best strength and speed combinations in the league as far as finishing against other NBA defenses.

Then you watch this team look completely befuddled on the defensive end against a smart offense. Or you watch their bigs stand there like useless logs, unable to secure even the easiest of rebounds, and you’re left scratching your head wondering how Las Vegas can justify the Heat as the favorites to win the title this year. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics will use and abuse this group in the paint if they don’t step up their intensity.

Shooting is a big question mark for this squad, particularly when it comes to their two biggest stars. Both James and Wade like shooting far more than shooting likes them. While they’re capable of putting the ball through the hoop from the inside and out, they are nowhere nearly consistent enough to make that the bread and butter of their offense. Not that this little fact has stopped them from spotting up and shooting whenever they feel too lazy to penetrate and work the opposing defense.

We’ve already discussed Chris Bosh’s struggles in depth, so we won’t even go there now.

Aside from the Two and a Half Kings, the...

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