LeBron James, Kevin Durant Have High Praise For Lions Receiver Calvin Johnson


You know you’re an incredible athlete when the world’s top sportsmen can’t stop drooling over you. Such is life for Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.

Johnson was his typical self last night, completely dominating the Giants secondary to the tune of seven catches for 164 yards and two touchdowns. The Giants used a number of different coverage schemes in hopes of slowing Johnson down, but none of them had any effect. Johnson proved too skilled, too big, and too fast to tame.

Johnson was so good last night that two of the world’s top athletes, LeBron James and Kevin Durant, took to Twitter to gush about him.

LeBron called Johnson, better known as Megatron, his favorite player in the world:

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Kevin Durant followed that up by calling Johnson the best receiver ever:

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In seven seasons, Johnson has averaged a ridiculous 1,356 catches and 10 touchdowns per year. 


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