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LeBron James Headed to Miami Heat; Cleveland Mourns

In the most public way possible, all-world small forward LeBron James announced he's leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. 

The three-headed monster of James-Wade-Bosh will certainly contend for the Eastern Conference title right away -- if not the NBA title.

In a one-of-kind primetime interview with ESPN's Jim Gray, with proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club of America, James said that over the last few weeks he went back and forth on what franchise was best for him. In fact, he said he went to sleep Wednesday night not knowing who he would choose. But when he woke up, "I had made my decision and I knew it was the right one."

James said the most important factor in choosing Miami would be the "ability to win right away." That one key factor probably made it impossible for him to go back to the talent-deficient Cavs, who never won the title with James, despite the franchise having the best regular season record in 2009-10. 

No matter which team James picked this week, "The King" had set himself up for second-guessing and criticism. Was the one-hour show, dubbed "The Decision," just an example of a bloated ego gone wild? And if he didn't pick Cleveland, how would his hometown fans react?

Says here to expect boos the next time Miami plays at Cleveland. LeBron James had become the biggest  -- by far -- personality in a fragile city starved for a sports title. Now they lose that in one night. And become of the circumstances, they've lost that personality in the most public (and some might argue humiliating) way possible.

The Heat's expected starting five next season:

F -- LeBron James

F -- Michael Beasley

G -- Dwyane Wade

G -- Mario Chalmers

C -- Chris Bosh  


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