LeBron James' Hacked E-Mail is the Best Thing You'll Read Today


Have you ever wanted to know the innermost, deepest thoughts of Miami Heat superstar, LeBron James? Do you often sit up at night, stare at your computer screen, and wonder what it would be like if you had access to his e-mail account? Do you daydream of getting three wishes from a genie so that you could spend them all on getting to know this year’s Finals MVP a little better?

Yeah, us neither.

That said, if LeBron or his e-mail were half as interesting as this faux 'hacked' version of his Gmail (courtesy of Grantland’s Justin Hapern by way of mashable) is, then maybe people would care a bit more.

This is absolutely brilliant. Check it out:

Image placeholder title


(Kudos Grantland, mashable)

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