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LeBron James Dunks on Jason Terry During Heat-Celtics (Video)

DeAndre Jordan shook the basketball world to its very core last week when he threw down a rim-rattling jam that had folks buzzing for days.

On Monday night, during a big game against the Boston Celtics, LeBron James offered his own early candidate for Dunk of the Year.

With his squad down by 13 and five or so minutes remaining in the second quarter, James knew that he had to get his guys pumped up. Somehow, someway, they needed to climb out of the deep hole they had dug themselves in. The opportunity to regain some momentum presented itself in the form of a 3-on-1 with the last line of defense being Jason Terry.

Check it out:

The Heat ultimately won 105-103. The Terry Family has asked that instead of sending flowers, everyone please just forget that he tried to shop a reality show that one time.

Photo Credit: Raw Signal


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