LeBron James Makes Right Move with Miami Heat


LeBron James just flat out said it. Everything was quiet when he made his decision to go to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to create a South Beach Superteam. I was really hoping for this to happen, as the Heat are my second favorite team, easily. Pacers will forever be my first.

"The best opportunity to win and to win now and to win in the future also," James said. "Winning is a huge thing for me."

And with this, the decision for LeBron is one hell of a smart one. A very smart decision. I thought he would bolt for the New York Knicks, take the money and the marketing and regret the decision after ten years. But he made a smart one and can sizzle in the sand on the beach. But first things first: basketball.

Cavaliers fans probably have their torches ready and go to LeBron's house and burn the place down. There was a video leaked right after James' decision of a Cavs' fan burning the James jersey on his lawn. He knows they will have mixed emotions but Akron will always be his home, he stated. James is finally playing basketball for a new place. He's been playing basketball in Ohio for his whole life.

Like the Will Smith song, "Welcome to Miami." Smith should probably make a 2010 edition of the title saying "Welcome to Miami (LeBron Edition)." Now that would by hysterical. But let's talk about how James impacts other teams. We all know how the Cavs are going to feel. But there were rumors out there of the Cavs reaching for Jonny Flynn. They look to trade Delonte West for him. There were other rumors of also adding Al Jefferson. The Bulls wouldn't be that affected as they can still sign not-so-big superstars. Possibly go for Tracy McGrady to fill in the void at shooting guard. Then, add more tools to the second team. Boozer makes a big difference. The Clippers were in there, but they can get Richard Jefferson. The Knicks? Yeah, they may be disappointed but they now have Anthony Randolph after a David Lee trade and can reach to Carmelo Anthony in the off-season next year. The Nets? They are still okay. I mean, their starting five is young and can make an eighth seed easily. But when it all goes down, the Heat are winners.

James made a smart decision. He went over his ego, money, and individual statistics. Right now, all he can build is being a winner and build his legacy even more. I see three championships for this Superteam in the next five years. Cavs fans can't overreact to this. He led you guys to the NBA Finals, even though they lost. And the Cavs had their best seasons with him. Accept what he did for you guys because you will never see anything better than this for a while. And right now, if he wins, he will represent Ohio, like J.A. Adande said on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Now what will this Heat team do? This is not a Big Three. This is a Superteam. The Boston Celtics have a Big Three and the Heat will have a Superteam. And it sounds better for Miami. They have two of the three faces of the NBA in LeBron and Wade. Bosh will help out well, too. Big ups to Pat Riley, too. This guy is amazing getting this together. Now, with the Superteam. Those three guys. I see LeBron being the centerpiece of this. James will be the point forward and act like a small forward and point guard. Point forward. See? And he will be the guy averaging 20-22 points per game, eight-to-ten assists for game, and six-to-eight rebounds per game. Wade will be the scorer. The dynamic guy. He will average 26-30 points per game. Bosh will be the underrated guy. The dark horse. He will average 15-18 points per game and nine-to-15 rebounds per game. He will be important.

But we know about this Big Three here. But what about the rest of the team. When you look at it, here are the other players:

  1. Michael Beasley, PF
  2. Mario Chalmers, PG
  3. Dexter Pittman, C
  4. Jarvis Varnado, C
  5. Da'Sean Butler, SF

I think the Heat should deal Beasley elsewhere for a point guard. But if they clear the cap space with him, the Heat need to figure out who will be their starting point guard and starting center. With this, I have them signing a lot of veteran minimum contracts, as the NBA rules say you can go over the cap by doing this. So with that, guys like Juwan Howard and Michael Finley can be good players to add. Allen Iverson? They can try doing this with Tracy McGrady and Brian Scalabrine. There's also Shelden Williams. Here are the guys to target:

  1. Allen Iverson
  2. Brian Scalabrine
  3. Tracy McGrady
  4. Shelden Williams
  5. Keyon Dooling
  6. Eddie House
  7. Pops Mensah-Bonsu
  8. Rasho Nesterovic
  9. Jerome James
  10. Brad Miller
  11. Jannero Pargo
  12. Kwame Brown
  13. Luther Head
  14. Earl Watson
  15. Josh McRoberts
  16. Kurt Thomas
  17. Johan Petro
  18. Kyle Korver
  19. Raja Bell
  20. Kareem Rush
  21. Adam Morrison
  22. D.J. Mbenga
  23. Larry Hughes
  24. Tim Thomas
  25. Jamaal Tinsley
  26. Marcus Williams
  27. Ike Diogu
  28. Roger Mason

There's many more but here's some I came up with. The Heat are going to have a great team. The season doesn't start for a few months. But if we look at James' decision, in my opinion, for the next few weeks...

It's one helluva a smart one.


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