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Mike Brown Fired: LeBron James, Coach Killer

You could say, if you want, that it’s not LeBron’s fault that Mike Brown was fired, but I’d counter by saying he certainly could have stopped it. Really, if he wanted Brown, don’t think for a minute Brown wouldn’t still be there.

And man, James is in the name-your-own-coach mode now, pretty much wherever he lands next season. I’m not sure that’s a healthy place but whether it’s Cleveland, Chicago, New York or New Jersey — those teams are in a position to give him what he wants, or who he wants.

Of course, superstars are always in that spot. Phil Jackson serves only as long as Kobe Bryant allows him to serve as the Lakers coach. Just as Nate McMillan would probably last only as long as Brandon Roy wants him here.

It’s the way it is.

And the real question is, what kind of coach will James want? And keep in mind, coaches are people who are supposed to push you. I always think they’re people who can make you — or help you — do things you don’t necessarily want to do. Like work harder, or play defense.

I think the best thing for James would be an iron hand. A guy totally unintimidated by him. And I’m not certain he’s going to go for that. We will learn a little bit about James by watching the kind of coach he chooses — and make no mistake, he’s probably going to have a say in it.

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