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LeBron James Not the Next Jordan, By His Own Choice

Why do people keep comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan?

I recently read an article on comparing James and Jordan. Other articles show that James will never be the next Michael Jordan. Jordan even pretty much said so, saying he wouldn't call up Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

But seriously, at this point, shouldn't people realize that LeBron James is not intending to be Michael Jordan anymore? Are people too dumb to realize that he is trying to be just LeBron James?

Let's take a look at the National Football League. Does anyone compare Adrian Peterson to anybody? No. Because he is a new type of player and he says he is not trying to be anybody. All he is trying to be is himself, which is Adrian Peterson. So why can't people people apply the same thing to the Miami Heat small forward like they do to the Minnesota Vikings' running back?

James is showing what nobody has seen before: A 6'8" 250-pound swingman who is the most athletic, most dominant player in the NBA. When do you see someone like him? And why do people compare him to Jordan so much?

Let's make this clear. James is a small forward. Jordan was a shooting guard. That breaks the barrier that he can't be the next Jordan already. And seriously: Why the hell do people want another MJ? There will never be anybody better than him! Nobody will be a better Jordan.

And why do people criticize James? I mean, seriously. No matter what he did in this year's free agency, he would be criticized no matter what. If he stayed in Cleveland, people would say he did it all for the money. With a chance to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, James took the six-year $130M offer instead. And then, if he chose Miami, in which he already did, people would say that he betray Cleveland.

Now, seriously. Could you be that more dumber? He "betrayed" Cleveland? A writer named Mihir Bhagat made a similar observation, saying when Jerry Rice went to the San Francisco 49ers' arch rivals in the Oakland Raiders. Did the Niners' fans, let alone all the NFL fans, hate Mr. Rice? No. So why do they hate on LeBron? Why?

Now, honestly, what if you were in this situation? What would you choose: A city that is cursed and doesn't have a good supporting cast, or go to a team with a bunch of talent where you can get a bunch of wins, along with not carrying all the weight on your shoulders? Honestly. What would you have if you were looking at a five-year span: zero championships, or three?

And another thing, Cleveland fans got to really suck it up. So what if he made a TV special for it? At least good came out of it. All the money and everything went into the Boys and Girls Club foundation. Cleveland fans are ignorant, stupid morons like Dan Gilbert. Not all of them, but people that are acting dumb and speaking out so clueslessly. You can't take a letter seriously when you type it in the most kiddish font and say, "You can take it to the bank that the Cavaliers will win a championship before the Heat."

So people, give LeBron a break.

It's pretty clear that he is not the next Michael Jordan.

It's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be the next Michael Jordan.

And it's prety damn clear that there will never be another Michael Jordan.


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