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Prediction: Chris Paul Will Win More NBA Titles than LeBron

Yeah, you heard me.

Chris Paul, if he leaves New Orleans, will win more NBA Championships than LeBron James will with the super trio in South Beach.

Not next year.

Not for the next 5 years.

For the rest of each players' career.


Chris Paul has an excellent chance to start great things this offseason, but unfortunately for him, he is still under contract with the New Orleans Hornets.

A team that doesn't seem to be all that ready to trade away the face of their franchise.

What are his options? Stay in New Orleans for the remainder of his two year contract and lose a lot while the fans and organization slowly turn on him.


Force his way out of the bad situation he has found himself in. One that shows no signs of becoming better. The owner isn't willing to win at the cost of his own money.

They don't have the players to win immediately and they don't show any signs of looking for players that will help them win immediately.

The fans are losing interest.

The players are losing interest.

Chris Paul is losing interest.

Last week, Chris Paul made his "aggressive exit strategy" public via Chris Broussard.

Outlining the teams  in which he would like the Hornets to speak with after he and management complete their sit down about the teams future on Monday.

Which teams would Chris like to go to?

"The list" includes the New York Knicks , the Orlando Magic, The Dallas Mavericks, and The Portland Trail Blazers .

So right off the bat, you can cross off the New York Knicks from the list because they don't have enough assets that they could use to bring in a player of Chris Paul's standing.

It is likely that the New York Knicks would have to wait until December 15th to make a trade for Chris Paul and would have to cross their fingers that Portland, Dallas, and Orlando fail to make a deal beforehand.

So who out of the three teams could put together the best package?

The Orlando Magic

Although the Orlando Magic do not have a lot of cap room to work with, they do have a few expendable pieces that would fill a need for the Hornets, but would also allow a salary space cleansing in the near future.

From reports out of CBS sports, Yahoo, and ESPN the deal would have to include Jameer Nelson and Vince Carter.

The deal in in its entirety would work financially, but would it be worth it for both parties?

The deal would send Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, and Marcin Gortat (along with some draft picks), so in my opinion the Hornets would be getting enough to please both the owner and their fans.

But the Problem lies with the Magic. Why should you blow up a team that has done very well over the past few years? I understand that the fans would like Vince Carter to be in a different uniform by next season because of atrociously inconsistent performance over the past season, but is that still enough?

Jameer Nelson was playing out of his mind in the playoffs, and generally very well in recent memory, so Magic fans shouldn’t be upset with how he has performed.

You should allow a team to mesh together and build chemistry, not blowing them up every time something isn’t perfect.

The Magic have a very good team  and, subsequently, could put together a very good proposal for the Hornets, but how much would it impact the already successful Orlando Magic?

The Hornets pull the trigger if they are able to get that much out of the Magic.

The Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban can do anything he wants with his money and he believes he can do anything regardless of the circumstances, so why not chase Chris Paul?

The Mavericks would be an excellent suitor to the Hornets because of their variety of talent with reasonable, expiring contracts. Dallas currently has more than $30 million in expiring contracts to give away but they would have to give up a great deal to get Chris Paul.

In a deal that has been floating around the blogs, the Mavericks would have to send Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson, Alex Ajinca, Jose Barea, or Roddy Beaubois, Tyson Chandler, and future draft picks for Chris Paul, Emeka Okafor, and James Posey.

In this deal the mavericks would be sending the Hornets just about $31 million in expiring deals and would be receiving a little under that in incoming salary. (Chris Paul-$14.9 million, Emeka Okafor- $11.54 million, and James Posey- $6.478 million)

So if the Hornets wanted to cut salary and nothing else, this would be the way to go, but other than salary, the Mavericks are giving up sub-par talent.

I don’t think that the Hornets would pull the trigger on this deal, let alone have the Dallas Mavericks give up half of their team for three players, two of which they don’t want.

The Portland Trail Blazers

This would be interesting to see. If Chris Paul joined Brandon Roy, Nicolas Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden in Portland.  The Blazers would be immediate favorites to knock off the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. But the question is, how much would Portland have to give up in order to get Paul?

There are a few factors that make Portland a favorite. First, they have a bunch of large expiring contracts with team options. Second, the have reasonably contracted young talent that the Blazers could replace. Third, the Blazers have the richest owner in the league in Paul Allen. This is a guy who  is worth around $13.5 billion dollars.

$13.5 billion.

This guy could toss around max contracts like chump change, but he doesn’t… and that's why he’s rich.

Back to the point. The fourth and final reason why Portland should be a favorite in this deal (if the Hornets decide to trade Chris Paul) is that they are a very good team that had conference finals aspirations before half their team fell victim to injuries.

Chris Paul said he wants to win. Portland knows how to win.

Chris Paul said he wants an owner that is willing to spend money to make the team better. Paul Allen has a lot of money to spend.

Chris Paul would probably like a fanbase that would appreciate him as much as the New Orleans fans do. Portland fans  love their players (example number 2 ).

Portland has many things that Chris Paul wants, except a large market.

So what would it take to get Chris Paul in a Blazers uniform?

If the Hornets are only worried about cutting costs, which I get the feeling they are,  Andre Miller -$6,730,800 (expiring), Joel Przybilla -$6,857,725 (expiring), Rudy Fernandez - $1,165,320 (expiring), Jeff Pendergraph (or whichever role player fits) at $457,588, and Jerryd Bayless- $2,143,080- Team option for the last two years.
That's $17+ million in expiring contracts and flexibility to keep a prospect in Jerryd Bayless with two years of team options. (and a draft pick)

The Blazers have a lot of flexibility to snag Chris Paul. They can give up role players, with the exception of Andre Miller and get an all star in return.

But since Chris Paul makes $14.94 million (difference of $3 million), the Blazers would most likely have to take on a bad contract and give up one of their prospects.

Possibly take on the contract of James Posey at $6.5 million or just work out some sort of trade exception with the Hornets.

All in all, both parties get what they would like. Portland gets Chris Paul and they get rid of Rudy Fernandez.

New Orleans get young talent with reasonable contracts and very serviceable players with large expiring contracts. Along with that, New Orleans probably gets a first round draft selection and a trade exception, while possibly getting rid of a bad contract.

It really does work out for both sides.

What we do know is nothing, everything is speculative. What we will know in the coming weeks will be a lot more than we currently know. But we will know everything once it is all said and done. We will just have to patient and wait until the first pillar tumbles.  "

Exerpt from This great article .


It's obvious that Chris Paul the Orlando Magic is something that both Chris Paul and the Orlando Magic would want, and that it would be very possible if the Hornets would be willing to pull the trigger.

So it would also be obvious that Chris Paul and Dwight Howard would be the best 1-5 duo in the league. Running the pick and roll to victory every single night.

Teams like The Miami Heat would have a hard time stopping the pick and roll because of their lack of a mobile center.

Alright, so the Heat aren't the only team the Magic (plus Chris Paul) would have to get through in order to make it to the Championship game.

The Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls are two teams that many would argue, have the best chance and stand to be the toughest tests standing in King James' path to a ring.

So let's look at their lineups...

Chicago Bulls   Orlando Magic Boston Celtics 

PG Derrick Rose                   PG Chris Paul/Duhon                PG Rajon Rondo/ Robinson

SG Kyle Korver/ Brewer        SG JJ Redick                              SG Ray Allen

SF  Luol Deng/ Johnson        SF Mickael Pietrus                      SF Paul Pierce/ Gaffey

PF Carlos Boozer/ Gibson     PF Rashard Lewis/Anderson       PF Kevin Garnett/ Davis

C Joakim Noah                     C Dwight Howard/ Orton           C Kendrick Perkins/ Wallace

Who is the best in the East? Is it still the Heat? Bulls? Celtics? Or the Magic with the Addition of Chris Paul?

First off, the Magic have a clear advantage in both the Point guard and the Center positions. Again, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard is a nearly unstoppable combination.

I have to give the edge to the Magic because of the balance in their lineup. Chris Paul and Dwight Howard would command most of the attention from other teams, but they have players surrounding them that can fit into a role and execute.

JJ Redick, Pietrus, and Rashard Lewis can spread the floor giving Chris Paul more room to drive the lane and Dwight Howard more room to work with when his back is to the basket. The problem that I see is with the bench.

Who is going to score off the bench? The Orlando Magic would have to give themselves a little firepower coming off the bench through free agency, but that still doesn't make me think twice about them being the best team in the East with the addition of Chris Paul.

Lets go back to the West to look at a different deal, although equally as alluring.

The Dallas Mavericks deal is a unique one. First off they would be giving the Hornets three players that could come in and make an impact immediately.

Caron Butler, Jose Barea, and Tyson Chandler are all players that could make it worth their (the Hornets) while to give up Chris Paul. The Hornets would also send over Posey and Okafor for cost cutting purposes.

The deal seems to work in both teams favor because the Hornets get $31 million in expiring contracts with a few players that could ease the pain for Hornets fans.

The Mavericks just get Chris Paul.

But the real question lies with the Mavericks. Would they be willing to give that much up?

My opinion is that they wouldn't need to.

You could, ideally, cut off $10 million of those contracts on the Mavericks side and leave out either Okafor or Posey and still put together a very attracting deal.

Realistically, the Mavericks could keep Chandler and Stevenson but take on Chris Paul and Okafor, and come out as an excellent team.

The lineup of...

PG Chris Paul / Jason Kidd

SG Jason Terry /Jones

SF Shawn Marion / Stevenson

PF Dirk Nowitzki /Chandler/ Okafor

Haywood / Chandler/ Okafor

Would compete in the west and would have a great shot to knock off the Lakers because of their depth in their bigs.

Enough to fend off the likes of Gasol, Bynum, and Odom.

This Mavericks team, with the addition of Chris Paul and Emeka Okafor is better than the super trio in South Beach. And if we have our way, Miami will be in the Finals either next year or the year after next.

This Dallas Mavericks team is good enough to knock the Heat off in the Finals.

Although it would be the weakest team that Chris Paul could choose from.

Lets finish off with Portland

The Trail Blazers offer an excellent situation for the likes of Chris Paul.

First off all, he would get to play along side of another All-Star in Brandon Roy (although that wouldn't be much different than playing with Dirk or Howard).

That duo would instantly be the best backcourt in the NBA.

Try to argue that.

The Blazers also have pieces around Paul and Roy that would make their job much easier.

Let's roll with the lineup:

PG Chris Paul/ Elliott Williams/Armon Johnson

SG Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews

SF Nicolas Batum/ Wesley Matthews/ Cunningham

PF LaMarcus Aldridge/ Okafor/ Cunningham

C Greg Oden/ Marcus Camby /Okafor

The addition of Okafor would solidify the front court. The likely hood of Oden going down with another injury is probable, so adding Okafor would be huge in terms of insurance and adding a serviceable backup.

Outside of the bigs, you have Nic Batum and Brandon Roy, that can spread the floor the same way JJ Redick and Pietrus would in Orlando. Although It is obvious that Batum and Roy are the better combo.

This would allow both LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden time in the paint with their back to the basket on a regular basis.

Really what it boils down to is how well the starting lineup would be balanced.

You have a couple of great players that can do everything offensively (Brandon Roy and Chris Paul), then you have three players that are very willing to play with their back to the basket and bang under the boards, and you have everything in between with Nic Batum and Wesley Matthews, the two defensive specialists that would allow the coaches to keep both Paul and Roy off of other star players in most situations.

So how would the Portland Trail Blazers (With the addition of Chris Paul) stack up to the Miami Heat?

The Blazers would have the advantage (Heavily) at the point guard position. If the Heat decided to bring Dwayne Wade over to guard Chris Paul, the Heat would also have to have Chalmers guard Roy, or even Batum.

With Dwayne Wade on Chris Paul, Chalmers would be on Brandon Roy. This is a matchup the Blazers would be wise to take advantage of.

So to make this easier to digest, the backcourt of Chris Paul and Brandon Roy would be better than the Chalmers, Wade backcourt, even if the Heat have the best player in the matchup.

The Heat could not afford to bring LeBron James over to guard Roy because then Chalmers (6' 1") would be guarding Nicolas Batum (6'8") and that would be something the Heat would not want.

In terms of the bigs for the Heat, Ilgauskas, Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Haslem would take the advantage over Oden, Camby, Aldridge, and Okafor.

Although if Oden were completely healthy, it would be tough to say.

What do you think? Who has the best bigs? The Heat or the Blazers?

It would be a tough call, but I think that If the Blazers can stay competitive with points in the paint, they come out victorious.

So to wrap this gigantic article up, what do you think?

Is LeBron and the super-trio going to win an obscene number of championship rings or would the Chris Paul trade stop that dream in its tracks?

I know it sounds completely pie in the sky, but these scenarios (at least the trades) are very realistic, although they may not be completely precise.

The LeBron James super-trio may be the best collection of three players we have ever seen, but it takes 5 (and some) to win a championship.

So if Chris Paul gets traded to one of his four choices, LeBron James and the Miami Heat will have a difficult time getting fitted for championship rings anytime soon.

But maybe that is just too good to be true.

Article Courtesy Of This Fine Sports Source


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