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Lawsuit Alleges Shaq Tracked Wife’s Car, Ordered Criminal Acts

Shaquille O’Neal has always been a magnet for media attention but, these days, a lot of that attention appears to be of the unwanted variety.

According to and Star Magazine O’Neal allegedly planted a tracking device in ex-wife Shaunie’s vehicle, used police officers and state attorneys to help him threaten and plant false evidence on a business associate, and tried to cover up multiple affairs.  All of these charges stem from a lawsuit filed against O’Neal in 2010 by his former friend, Shawn Darling.

Here are some of the more juicy bits from the lawsuit:

"On September 25, 2009 O'Neal purchased an Ultimate Bluetooth Mobile Phone Spy, and an Ultimate People Finder Software system," the lawsuit states.

"At some point O'Neal had his wife's car wired and hired 'Guidepoint,' a company to place a GPS tracking system on her car to track her movements and her whereabouts.

"On September 29, 2009 nervous that Vanessa Lopez had made good on her threat to meet with his wife, O'Neal had his henchmen, Derrick Mallet, check with 'Guidepoint,' to find out where his wife had been," the documents allege.

"Miami Beach Police Sergeant Jorge Alessandri responded to O'Neal that he got O'Neal's e-mails and that he will go over the information contained in them with a friend at the Miami-Dade State Attorney office," the lawsuit says.

"O'Neal along with Miami Beach Police Internal Affairs Unit, Sergeant Jorge Alessandri, Joe Wise, Donald Deluca, Jesus Pena, Timothy Devine, Justin Zormello, Robert Lara, Derrick Mallett, Joe Cavalerro, Jerome Crawfor, Mike Parris, and unnamed other persons embarked upon a mission to discredit, destroy, and ruin Darling in order to make sure that the proof that Darling had of O'Neals numerous acts would never see the light of day."

All of this originates from an 85-page document that was obtained by Radar and Star.

Now, for what it’s worth – absolutely nothing has been proven as of yet. For now it’s all simply a case an admittedly angry former friend attempting to exact revenge on someone who he feels has done him wrong, not exactly an oddity in celebrity life.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting situation worth keeping an eye on.


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