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Nuggets Ty Lawson Sets NBA 3-Point Record, then Blows it

Denver Nuggets second-year point guard Ty Lawson basically told everyone last night that they should know. They should know that this dude is not playing around.

In a win over the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves, Lawson set an NBA record and then gave away a couple more. He set the record by making his first 10 three-pointers of the game…and then he wiped it out by launching a prayer at the end of the third quarter. He said afterwards that he wouldn’t have done that if he knew about the record, but the damage was done.

He was taken out of the game in the 4th quarter, so he couldn’t get the record for most three’s in a game (Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall had 12). And he blew the record for most three’s without a miss (Latrell Sprewell had nine) when he fired the prayer.

Still, tough to knock the guy. He was on a mission and ended up with 37 points. OTR gives it up to Ty Lawson, even if we’d prefer Jrue Holiday. Just sayin’…


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