Lavar Johnson Doesn't Know Why Brendan Schaub Called Him Out


UFC heavyweight Lavar "Big" Johnson (17-6, MMA) joined MMA Fight Corner on Tuesday night and is prepared to hand Brendan Schaub his third consecutive loss in their upcoming bout on UFC on FOX 5 on December 8. The heavyweight showdown takes place as part of the FX preliminary card and Johnson's ready to put on a show he thinks fans want to see.

On FUEL TV's UFC Tonight, former Ultimate Fighter competitor and NFL player, Schaub, called out Johnson for the upcoming fight. In the interview he said:

"I think it's good to control your own destiny. I just throw a name out there. He's had three fights in the UFC and two Knockouts of the Nights. His sole loss is to Struve. I think people are scared of him. I think it'd be a good fight. Lavar hits hard. For me, yeah people say I have a weak chin, so this would solidify my place. But I fight at heavyweight. Everyone hits hard."

At 8-3 overall with back to back losses, whether or not it was a wise decision on Schaub's part to do so, has yet to be seen.

"We'll find out. I don't really bark, I just bite," Johnson said. "I let those guys make their own bed and they gotta lay in it. I never met Schaub before and it was kind of weird for me. I think Dana and Joe Silva do a pretty good job of matching everybody up, so I don't know why he needed to call me out."

Lavar isn't taking Schaub's campaign to fight him personally. In fact, he thinks the matchup will be action packed. "He's a banger. I think he could dish it out, he just can't take it. I'm excited."

He's chalking up Schaub's challenge to him as him looking to prove something.

"I think he wants to show that he can bang. So, I think he's going to try it at first. When I think I hit em, then he's definitely going to shoot, if he's still awake."

Johnson continued, "I'm looking at a lot of his fights, he's not even getting hit in the chin, he's just getting hit somewhere on the head and his body just shuts down. You know, I'm just gonna walk him down and let em go."

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