Latest Ratings for The Ultimate Fighter: Live Take a Hit


The most recent episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Live featured the first three-round fight of the season. However, that wasn't enough to help with the ratings, as they fell back to 1.1 million.

This was the fourth episode of the season, with the debut having recorded the best viewership at 1.3 million. Week two fell to 1.1 million, while week three went up to 1.2.

This is the first live season of the show on FX, as it airs on Friday nights now instead of Thursday when it was shown on Spike TV. The next episode will be televised at 10 p.m. ET this coming Friday night with another live fight featured.

UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and No. 1 contender Urijah Faber at the coaches. Mike Chiesa of Team Faber will take on Jeremy Larsen from Team Cruz this week.

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