Latest NFL Franchise Values Show League Growing At Rapid Rate


The NFL continues to soar to new financial heights.

Forbes released their annual ranking of NFL franchise values today, and the Dallas Cowboys once again sit atop the list with an estimated $3.2 billion value. That figure is a 36% jump over the Cowboys’ franchise value last year.

It’s not just the Cowboys who are raking in the dough. The entire league is.  The top four highest valued NFL teams -- the Cowboys, Patriots, Redskins, and Giants, respectively – are all worth over $2 billion dollars.

Forbes says the average NFL franchise is worth $1.43 billion, which is up 23% from last year. That 23% jump is the biggest one year increase the league has seen since 1999.

As ESPN notes, the league’s $1.43 billion average franchise value is easily tops in the sporting world. The average value of the world’s top 20 soccer teams is $1.05 billion. The average MLB team is worth $811 million, and the average NBA team is worth $645 million.

Put simply: the NFL is kicking monetary ass right now. And there’s no reason to think that will change anytime soon.


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