Latest Lakers Reality Show Star: Ron Artest


Of course Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest is getting a reality show.

Wait, it’s about mental health?

According to TMZ, the eccentric forward is going to work with a team of mental health experts and life coaches in an effort to help mentor a group of parolees. The show, reportedly titled “Last Second Shot” will feature Artest doing some more of what earned him the NBA’s citizenship award this past season – attempting to educate folks on various mental disorders and trying to rid the world of any and all stigmas that are typically associated with mental health services.

The production company, 44 Blue Productions, currently works on shows like “L.A. Gang Unit” and “Family Court with Judge Penny.”

Apparently, the show hasn’t been pitched to any networks yet, but all parties involved hope that Artest’s star appeal coupled with the positive intentions behind the project will earn it a green light from somewhere.

While Artest's motivations for this are no doubt minimally self-serving and mostly good-natured, you have to wonder how the organization will feel about a second superstar being featured in a realty show. Some – read: most of the writers at the L.A. Times – blamed part of the Lakers’ postseason woes and lack of concentration on the distraction of Lamar Odom’s own show. So, this, coupled with all of the latest happenings in Lakers Land might make management a bit dubious about what this will mean for locker room chemistry.

Then again, good luck telling Artest that he can or can’t do something.

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