2010 NBA Las Vegas Summer League Recap: Day 6

Game 1

Houston Rockets 82 def. Denver Nuggets 75

Patrick Patterson – HOU: His shooting was inconsistent for the week, but his overall game looks promising. Solid rebounding presence down low, but can get up and down the court with ease. He can also step outside for a pick and pop, looking comfortable when shooting mid range jump shots. 6 points and 10 boards in this one.

Ishmael Smith – HOU: Was awesome in this game, putting up 15 points, 6 assists, and only 1 turnover in 29 minutes. Most of his buckets are at or near the basket, so his field goal percentages will be good. Really quick in transition and can get in the lane virtually whenever he wants.

Laurence Ekperigin – DEN: Crazy efficient day for Ekperigin, scoring 21 points on 7-11 shooting in 17 minutes. Also grabbed 6 rebounds

Game 2

Toronto Raptors 102 def. New York Knicks 89

Ed Davis – TOR: Shows the potential to be a really good post scorer. Has good footwork and hands in the paint. Has shot 65% in three games so far and could be a little more assertive in getting the ball, but nothing to really complain about in his first action. 13 points on 5-6 shooting yesterday.

Solomon Alabi – TOR: Efficient outing for the center out of Florida State. 9 points and 8 rebounds in 19 minutes. He’s not gonna dominate down low, but it’s always nice to have a competent 7 footer playing for your club. Alabi could easily be that in this league.

Andy Rautins – NY: Known as a shooter, Rautins hasn’t gotten off to a great start with his shot. Many of them are tightly contested and it looks like he might be forcing it a little. He’s a smart player who will probably work in the flow of a better offense, but haven’t seen anything yet.

Landry Fields – NY: Didn’t shoot the ball that well today, but Fields has a really versatile offensive game. The wing player out of Stanford can stay out on the perimeter be a shooter, but he can also get into the lane where he ends up going to the line quite often. Now if he could get his free throw percentage above 70%, that would be great.

Game 3

San Antonio Spurs 89 def. Atlanta Hawks 84

Jordan Crawford – ATL: The first round pick looks like a legitimate scorer. Might be tough to get minutes this year with a logjam at the guard position, but he looks promising. Stays active being able to facilitate others on the offensive end and able to grab steals on the defensive end. 20 points, 2 assists, and 3 steals in this one.

Game 4

Chicago Bulls 79 def. Los Angeles Clippers 50

Matt Bouldin - CHI: Tall point guard out of Gonzaga mostly shot kick out 3s today going 2-4 from downtown. Ended up with 8 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

Samardo Samuels – CHI: Solid rebounding effort for the former Louisville product grabbing 9, but was a little foul happy with 8 in 22 minutes. With the loaded Chicago front court, Samuels is likely auditioning for other clubs.

Al-Farouq Aminu – LAC: Really struggled with his shot today going 3-15. This seems like the struggle of someone who is trying to add a mid-range to deep shooting game. He has been working on it all summer and it has been looking better, despite this outing. Hit 2 three pointers in this game and his shooting motion looks better. Clearly a work in progress, but if he develops a solid outside game, this kid could deadly.

Eric Bledsoe – LAC: Struggles continued into game 2 for Bledsoe as his shot isn’t falling and he keeps giving up the ball. It’s only been two games, but he’s averaged 33% shooting and 8.5 turnovers in those two games. Anyone who watched him at Kentucky know that the talent level is there. Let’s see if he can turn things around in these last few games.

Willie Warren – LAC: Forgettable stat line of 5 points on 2-6 shooting with 2 turnovers in 23 minutes. Not to worry though, he just signed with the Clippers a couple days ago.

Game 5

Cleveland Cavaliers 93 def. Phoenix Suns 82

Gani Lawal – PHX: Another solid outing for Lawal with 16 points and 8 rebounds. The dude can bang down low and has shown some offensive talent as well. Also gets up and down the court fairly easily, which will be good in Phoenix. Won’t be a super star, but can definitely be a solid piece for this team.

Matt Janning – PHX: Love this guy and he a had a great game. 22 points on 9-14 shooting with 5 rebounds. The guy is 6’4, but his athleticism and scrappy play has helped him average 5 rebounds over his 5 games in the summer league. Really smart player as well who can attack the basket or hit it from outside.

Scottie Reynolds – PHX: It’s no shock that this guy knows what he’s doing on the court. However, the All-American went undrafted this year. He can confidently run an offense and is a more than capable scorer. 8 points and 9 assists in 24 minutes.

Game 6

Sacramento Kings 79 def. Minnesota Timberwolves 78

DeMarcus Cousins – SAC: Continues to impress beyond even the high expectations set out for him. He can rebound, he can pass, he can shoot a jump shot and of course he dominate down low. He even hit the game winner in this one with a couple seconds left on the clock. 22 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and a block. Wow.

Hassan Whiteside – SAC: The long big man out of Marshall is a project, but he’s already showing flashes of what could be. In a couple years, the Kings might have the most dominant front court in the NBA. Cousins’ dominant post game combined with Hassan’s shot blocking and face-up game could be quite the combo. 6 points, 7 rebounds and a block. Averaging 2.7 blocks in these first 3 games and that’s low for him.

Ryan Thompson – SAC: Limited minutes in this one after taking a hard fall at the rim. Jason Thompson’s little brother is still trying to make a roster and we’ll see if he can play in the last couple games. 4 points and 2 turnovers in 11 minutes.

Lazar Hayward – MIN: Shot wasn’t falling today for the former Marquette player. Now being guarded by NBA level talent at SG/SF spot is making it harder for this guy to get quality looks at the basket. He could get away with his lack of dominant athleticism and explosiveness in college, but so far not in the summer league.

Deon Thompson – MIN: Solid game for the four year man out of North Carolina. 10 points on 5-10 shooting and 7 rebounds in 23 and a half minutes. Had some trouble turning the ball over (5), but other than that had a good outing.

Game 7

Miami Heat 92 def. Detroit Pistons 83

Dexter Pittman – MIA: DNP

Jarvis Varnado – MIA: DNP

Greg Monroe – DET: Solid effort from Monroe. Usually looking to get at the basket and ended up going to the line 10 times as a result. 20 points on 6-12 shooting with 6 rebounds and 2 blocks. He hasn’t looked dominant in the summer league so far, but he hasn’t been too disappointing either.

Terrico White – DET: Struggled with his shot in this one (3-9), but was able to get to the line a fair amount of times which is something you need to do if you’re not on that game. 11 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals.


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