Lane Kiffin, USC Ban LA Daily News Reporter for Reporting on an Injury

Lane Kiffin has always had something of a contentious relationship with the media, but he appears to be taking things to a whole new level this year.

You’ll recall, before the season even began, Kiffin landed in some hot water when there was a misunderstanding between him and the powers that be behind the USA Today Coaches Poll. They thought he said he didn’t vote USC number one and, seeing as he did, they thought they needed to correct him. He thought they were kind of shady and shouldn't have overreacted like they did. We sided with Kiffin on that one.

On this most recent issue, though, USC’s head honcho is all on his own.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Kiffin and his athletic program have decided to ban the Los Angeles Daily News for two weeks because they reported on an injury sustained by kicker Andre Heidari. Why would a newspaper reporting on news be a big deal? Well, apparently, a “no reporting on strategy or injuries” rule was installed at Southern Cal this summer.

Via the Times:

The Los Angeles Daily News reported Heidari's surgery on Sunday night.

Kiffin is not addressing injuries this season. USC also announced in August a policy barring the media from reporting strategy or injury-related news observed during in-season practices.

The Daily News report did not cite practice-related information.

Still, USC has barred Daily News reporter Scott Wolf from attending practice for two weeks and will not issue him a credential for the Trojans' Sept. 22 game against California at the Coliseum, said Gene Warnick, sports editor for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, which includes the Daily News and other Southland papers.

If this sounds ridiculous to you, it’s probably because it is amazingly ridiculous. Maybe the Trojans should be more concerned with not getting shown up by the Syracuses of the world than whether or not news of their kicker being hurt leaks out.

A few more slides down the polls and nobody will care enough to report on them anyway.

(Kudos Los Angeles Times)

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