Knicks to Start Landry Fields All Season?

We were a bit surprised when Knicks’ rookie Landry Fields was given the starting shooting guard position on opening night against the Toronto Raptors. Not that we doubted Fields’ ability, we just thought it was a bit of a stretch for head coach Mike D’Antoni to replace a much more proven player like Wilson Chandler.

Well, D’Antoni apparently knows his team better than we do because Fields played superb in the opener, going for 11 points and four rebounds in 30 minutes. Chandler also played great off the bench, adding 22 points and eight rebounds in 29 minutes of play. By coming off the bench, Chandler provides the team with a much-needed athletic spark and could potentially earn Sixth Man of the Year—although it’s ridiculously early to tell.

Fields played so well the opener that D’Antoni is now considering starting him for the remainder of the season.

“All year,” D’Antoni said when asked how long Fields could remain as starter. “I’d be surprised if he can’t do it.”

“The best part of his game is all the little stuff,” D’Antoni said. “He’ll do what the game plan is. It’s the consistency of all the details of the game that makes him unique. Normally you look at inconsistency as a rookie but I don’t see that. He didn’t look nervous whatsoever.”

Hopefully Fields will have a new blog post soon because we would love to hear his thoughts on potentially starting the remainder of the season.


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