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Should the Rockies Chase Lance Berkman?

Troy E. Reneck of the Denver Postis reporting that the Colorado Rockies are I hot pursuit of switch hitting former Houston Astros All-Star, Lance Berkman.

The intention would be to have Berkman play the outfield and also spell Todd Helton at first base. My question is who is going to spell Berkman?

It would be one thing if Berkman was a stellar righty hitter and was going to platoon with Helton, but last year the guy hit .171 as a right handed hitter with 1 HR and 5 RBI! For the season!! And it's not like he was Babe Ruth from the left side either hitting .267 with 13 HR and 53 RBI.

And they want him to play the outfield in spacious Coors field? Seriously?

Memo to the Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd: Is it really worth signing a guy who's best trait on the baseball diamond at this point is that can blow gum bubbles like Kurt Bevacqua? Is this your answer to all of us who were miffed that up just gave Troy Tulowitzki a deccade long contract extension when he still had three years left on his current deal? 

Jeff Francoeur had almost the identical production as Berkman (1 less HR and 8 more RBI). If you are looking for a crappy has-been corner outfielder, grab him instead and at least you will get a stellar defender. He's a free agent, look here at the Free Agent Tracker and scroll down to the Rangers. See, he's there. And you can sign him for considerably less than paying Berkman.

How do I go about getting some of these GM's to play in my Baseball Fantasy League so I can take advantage of you? - Peter Costa (a.k.a. Roto Loser)

Pete is a serious Rotisserie participant playing the same league with the same guys for 19 years. Not only has Peter never finished in the money; he's now finished last 15 times and no higher than 10th (in a league with 14 guys). Join us in following Peter's trials, tribulations and frustrations, as he attempts to navigate his way out of the basement again in 2011.

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