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Lance Armstrong Forced To Withdraw From Texas Swimming Event

Some guys just can’t take a hint.

Lance Armstrong was forced to withdraw from the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships in Austin, Texas, after his management team was notified that participating in the competition would violate the lifetime ban from international sports that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency imposed on the confessed doper last year.

U.S. Masters Swimming is a part of U.S. Aquatic Sports, which is recognized by the International Swimming Federation (known as FINA). The FINA acknowledges the World Anti-Doping Code and therefore must recognize bans by other organizations that recognize the code such as the USADA. 

Rob Butcher, executive director of U.S. Masters Swimming, said: "On our own, we called our representatives to understand what our responsibility was.”  

After it became known that Armstrong intended to take part in the competition, FINA sent a letter to American swimming officials objecting to his plans. "FINA wrote a letter to the US Masters Swimming (with copy to US Aquatic Sports and USA Swimming) requesting not to accept the entry of Mr. Lance Armstrong in the above mentioned competition," FINA announced in a statement.

The disgraced cyclist should hardly be surprised by the denial. He has been disinvited from triathlons and running events in the months since his suspension began. The ban prohibits him from participating in athletic events ranging from the Olympics to the New York City marathon, reports The Daily News.

If he has any shot of getting rid of the ban, anti-doping officials have said that Armstrong would at least have to make a full accounting of his deceptions and reveal how he doped, who helped him and who helped him pay for it. There are many lawsuits pending against Armstrong which may eventually reveal those pieces of information anyway.

Source: The Daily News, The Telegraph


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