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Lamont Peterson Blames Medical Treatment for Failed Drug Test

Lamont Peterson has blamed a course of medical treatment for the failed drug test that has scuppered his long-awaited rematch with Britain’s Amir Khan.

The American tested positive for what is understood to have been synthetic testosterone, however Peterson maintains that the failure came as a result of an all natural course of treatment administered to battle a problem with low testosterone levels.

Speaking with, Peterson said of the health problems: “That was a concern not just for boxing, but having low testosterone can, you know, affect your general health in many ways. Once Dr. Thompson explained all of that to me, and he explained all about the procedure, we did it.”

The fight between Peterson, the IBF and WBA light-welterweight champion, and former king, Amir Khan was cancelled last night with the WBA looking certain to strip the American of the belt he won in December’s controversial first meeting between the pair.

Khan is now looking at a date in either June or July with the hope that one or both of his old belts will be on the line.

Peterson, on the other hand, concedes that he is now in a battle to clear his name:

“At the end of the day, I didn’t cheat and I’m going to stand by that. I’m not a cheating person. Anybody who really knows me knows that, and that I would never cheat. No matter how much money was on the line or whatever was on the line, I’m not going to cheat. That’s not me.”

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