Lamarr Houston Tears ACL Doing Same Celebration That Ended Stephen Tulloch's Season (Video)


Remember when Lions' linebacker Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL earlier this year during a sack celebration? It was pretty embarrassing. You’d think that after seeing Tulloch’s misfortune, players would steer clear of that celebration in the future, but you’d be wrong. Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston emulated Tulloch’s dance after sacking Jimmy Garoppolo yesterday, and his body responded by emulating Tulloch’s injury. Houston, like Tulloch, tore his ACL.

It’s bad enough that two players in one season suffered season-ending injuries from celebrations, but two players suffering the exact same injury from the exact same celebration is just strange. You know what else is strange? How excited Houston was about the sack in the first place. The Bears were down 25 points with just three minutes to go. What’s there to be excited about?

Anyways, here is Houston’s season-ending celebration. You’ll find Tulloch’s right below it. Note to NFL players: STOP DOING THIS CELEBRATION.


Sources: Gfycat, Vine


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