Lakers’ Steve Blake Fined for Cursing Out Courtside Fan

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Steve Blake committed something of a no-no last week when the Lakers took on the Clippers in a battle for the hearts of Los Angeles hoops fans.

As his squad was getting absolutely embarrassed from start to finish, Blake apparently began to let the noise from courtside get to him more and more. And we say let, of course, because guys like Blake have to swallow abuse from horrible fans every single time they take the floor. So when he or anyone else lets it rattle them, it’s because they let themselves get rattled.

So, yeah – Blake let himself get rattled by a fan last week. That, in turn, led to this exchange:

Unfortunately, the fan that Blake cussed out wasn’t just some nameless person, he was the son of prominent Lakers season ticket holder Lance Jackson. On Monday, Blake was handed a $25,000 fine for his troubles and had to meet with Lance Jackson and his son to apologize.

"We got a chance to speak and talk about the situation, and I just let them know I was sorry for the way I acted," Blake said afterward (via ESPN). "I didn't handle myself the way I want to, and we were able to talk and hopefully can build a relationship off of that."

And on why he let the noise get to him:

"It was an emotional game for me, losing a third game in a row and this and that, but there are no excuses," Blake said. "It was just a spur-of-the-moment bad decision."


(Kudos ESPN)


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