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Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Hospitalized

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been hospitalized for blood clots in his leg, multiple sources are reporting.

According to the Los Angeles Times and TMZ, Buss was checked into a local hospital on Wednesday as a result of developing blood clotting in his leg. As per TMZ, specifically, a representative of Buss’ said that the issue is likely the result of “excessive travel.”

Various members of the Buss family have been in the headlines this week for a myriad of reasons. Jim Buss, who many now recognize as the de facto boss of the Lakers, surprised many in recent days when he reportedly made it known to associates that he would be willing to trade his coveted young center, Andrew Bynum, should the “right deal” come along. Then, just a few days later, Jesse Buss was arrested in Lexingon Kentucky for public intoxication.

And, of course, all this happened while the Lakers found themselves front and center in talks relating to acquiring some combination of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

Although the 77-year-old Jerry Buss has told reporters that he is taking a step back from basketball-related operations and delegating more reasonability to his children, it’s no secret that he still has final say on all things Lakers-related.

Team spokesman Jack Black told the Los Angeles Times that he expects Jerry Buss to be back and on his feet, as usual, by the time that the Lakers kick off their preseason action versus the Los Angeles Clippers on Dec. 19.

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