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Lakers Kobe Bryant Releasing Weird Nike Zoom Kobe VIs

Apparently, the best player in the NBA is entitled to certain perks.

You’re allowed to berate officials more than the average bench-warmer and not get called for a T (despite new rules that say it won't happen anymore). You get phantom fouls called in your favor as per the Michael Jordan rules that were instituted two decades ago. 

And finally, you get to put out the absolute weirdest looking, most non-sensical shoe imaginable and still not get any flack for it.

But we're all about flack, and we like to give it.   

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is releasing a special version of his trademark Nike Zoom Kobe VIs just in time for his squad’s Christmas day match-up against the hapless LeBron James-led Miami Heat circus.

What are the shoes like? Well, it’s hard to explain these amphibian kicks. The picture tells part of the story, but the real questions are going on behind the scenes. Why this look? Why this color? Why the scales? 

Let’s just say they’re unique. They’re...

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