Lakers Kobe Bryant Rejects Cheerleader’s Kiss Request, Maybe


This NBA lockout is rough.

Somehow the good folks over at The Big Lead were able to dig up a video of Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant at the “PBA vs. SMART GILAS Game,” whatever that is. In the video Bryant is seen walking down a long hallway when he’s suddenly stopped by some fairly attractive cheerleading groupies.

First, the cheerleaders ask Bryant for a picture – a request he is happy to oblige. 

Then things get interesting. One of the cheerleaders, as they’re all posing for the picture, asks Bryant for a kiss. What follows is an inaudible reply by Kobe which either sounds like “No, I can’t” or “Not here” depending on what you want to hear.

The latter option is obviously funnier, but the former makes more sense considering they were in a public setting and Bryant knew he was on camera.

What did he really say? Judge for yourselves based on the video below.


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