Lakers Gasol Calls Rumors About Girlfriend, Kobe, Vanessa “False”


As Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol became less and less effective over the course of the team’s brief postseason run, the media and fans desperately began seeking out possible reasons for Gasol’s lousy play.

MediaTakeOut -- a renowned gossip site that has been wrong far more times than they have been right when citing what their “sources” tell them about major sports figures -- published a story that Gasol and his girlfriend were having problems. In the same piece, they insinuated that something Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, said may have caused those problems.

Unfortunately, as is too often the case in this day and age, the media picked this story up and ran with it. At first, everyone cited MediaTakeOut as the originators of the rumor, which was good, because nobody believes anything that’s written by the site. Then, the source became replaced with the term “online rumors,” which in a way added credibility to the rumors. Finally, the whole thing culminated with a series of articles by the Los Angeles Times and O.C. Register which made passing comments regarding the situation within their articles – ultimately fanning the flames even more.

On Monday afternoon, Gasol came out and publicly squashed the rumors of any bad feelings between him, his girlfriend, Vanessa or Kobe.

Video of Gasol addressing the situation can be found below.


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