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Lakers Derrick Caracter Arrested; Allegedly Struck Pregnant Woman

Los Angeles Lakers rookie, Derrick Caracter, was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly striking a pregnant waitress at a New Orleans IHOP, multiple sources have reported.

According to a police spokesman that briefly discussed the situation with the Times-Picayune, Caracter started “grabbing and pulling” at the waitress while clearly drunk. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested and booked on one count of battery for allegedly striking the woman, one count of public intoxication and one count of resisting arrest.

A later report by Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register noted that the IHOP in question was next to the hotel where the Lakers were staying during their time in New Orleans.

He was released from jail after a bond was posted.

Caracter did not play in the team’s Sunday evening loss to the Hornets.


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