Lakers’ Artest Fires Back at Celtics’ Doc Rivers


Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Ron Artest? He has officially embraced the role of number one enforcer for the Lakers on and off the court.

Earlier it was reported that while doing a radio interview a few days ago Celtics head coach Doc Rivers made some questionable remarks about the Lakers’ victory over his team in this past Finals series. Essentially, Rivers was saying that because Kendrick Perkins was injured this past season during Game 7 of the 2010 Finals, and Kevin Garnett was injured in the prior season and the Celtics didn’t make it to the Finals in 2009, the current Lakers never “really” beat the current Celtics.

Many took issue with the statement, but apparently, nobody more so than Artest. Here is what the Lakers’ outspoken forward had to say on the matter via his Twitter account by way of Lakers Nation:

Twitter:Boston lost to lakers because of Kendrick Perkins injury. What about in 08 when Bynum was injured. What about this year Bynum was injured ..

Twitter: What about Kobe played with a broke finger …. What about Ron artest defense When the Boston staff said Ron artest was too slow

Twitter:Doc got one million excuses.. Just come back this season a take what you want…

Twitter:The lakers with Bynum in the playoffs healthy has not lost The same way whoever whatever hasn’t Let’s not mention the stats on lock down

Twitter: Nobody made excuses when Boston came to sac town when I was there and they embarrassed us. Acting like they were hardcore.

Twitter: So Boston is going to championship right past Miami?

It’s hard to really argue with any of that.

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