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Lakers’ Artest Discusses Twilight, Detroit Brawl

Los Angeles Lakers forward, Ron Artest sat down with “The Rise Guys” in Sacramento to discuss a wide variety of issues. Amongst the topics of conversation were what his summer has been like after winning a championship, his infamous brawl in Detroit and who his favorite Twilight character is.

On what the summer has been like after the Lakers won the title: “It’s been fun. The only thing that has changed … is the excitement with the fans and how they receive me now and a lot of different opportunities. The hard work is still there, preparing for the next season. But when you win a championship, you’re looked at differently around the whole world. It’s been amazing.”

On his television show “Life After The Brawl” and whether the brawl should still be brought up: “What happened was TV1 thought it would be cool to do a story for a ‘Life After.’ They’re doing a bunch of stories called ‘Life After…’ … They asked me, they said, ‘Would you want to do a Life After?’ A life after what? I’m still living, you know. They said, ‘Life After The Brawl.’ I’m just like, you know, ‘How are you going to do the story? What point do you want to get across, to make me look like a fool?’ They were like, ‘No, we just want to tell a story, just your life after and the things that you’ve been through.’ … It’s kind of cool. You’re going to hear from my wife, you’ll hear from my son, my daughters, my little sister and one of my Little League coaches. It’s a little different, but it’s not trying to glorify anything that happened.”

On whether he’s moved on from the brawl:“I don’t think it’s about being OK, it’s about moving on for me. To me, it’s more about moving on and knowing it was unfortunate. It was something I definitely never wanted to happen, never expected it to happen, never prepared for that. I’m just happy that I had a chance to move on and go to Sacramento and go to Houston and go to L.A.”

On going to the premier of Twilight:

“That was fun. … I actually went there and it was like right after we won and I was like, probably one of the bigger guys on the red carpet. A lot of people was happy and even the director. It was kind of cool. I love that movie. I love the action.”

On whether he’s part of Team Edward or Team Jacob:

“I wish I could be in the movie and be like the villain. I want to be the big bad one that just eats everybody. … I want to eat Edward and Jacob.”

It’s fascinating how good press and a championship can change people’s perception on a particular athlete. It happens in the blink of an eye. Prior to last season, Artest was the pshychotic, alleged animial-abusing, violent thug who put gave the NBA a black eye for years to come. He was looked at as being Mike Tyson-ish crazy. Now, with a ring to his name, he’s the lovable, goofy nut who says off-the-wall things but is a good guy at heart.

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